Treasure Seekers Game

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Two teams compete to find hidden treasure. Each team's pirate captain guides their team to the treasure with one-word clues, trying to avoid revealing the opposing team's treasure or the treacherous booby trap.

Fun for the whole family! With nearly 800 clue cards, plus blank cards so you can create your own custom clues, it's easy to stick with words that younger children will know.

Designed for two or more players, though game play is different for a two-player game than for four or more (instructions for both versions included).

This PRINTABLE game comes with the following components in a downloadable PDF:

  • 1 game board
  • Instructions
  • 7 jewel cards for team one
  • 7 treasure chest cards for team two
  • 6 shell cards for neutral spaces
  • 1 skull and crossbones booby trap card
  • 36 treasure map cards
  • 795 clue cards
  • 1 sheet of blank clue cards

Set includes instructions for all three games. One page of blank cards is also included so you can make your own clues.

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